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Introducing Your Personal Power Symbol

Your Power Symbol is the numerology of your Name and the astrology of your Birth, manifested as a unique geometric symbol.
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Tote Bag

It’s time to get a Tote Bag, doncha think? They’re so convenient, versatile and easy. People love ’em. In that case, let’s get an awesome tote bag. So, introducing the world’s first tote bag displaying your customized mandala-styled Power Symbol.
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Custom T-Shirts

Women’s T-shirt customized with Tattoo-styled Power Symbol

If you’re looking for custom T-Shirts, you’ll love this. That’s because you can display your Power Symbol loud and proudly on your personalised T-shirt.

What’s a Power Symbol?

A Personal Power Symbol is your unique energy symbol. It’s the symbol generated from the numerology of your name, and the astrology […]

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Silver Pendant Jewelry

If you’re someone who enjoys custom jewelry, you’ll love how this handmade, sterling silver pendant beautifully displays your Personal Power Symbol.

What’s a Power Symbol?

Your Personal Power Symbol is a symbol unique to you. That’s because it’s the numerology of your name, and the astrology of your birth expressed as a geometric shape.

It’s not […]

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The Tattoo Symbols of Your Soul

A collection of profoundly meaningful tattoos based on your astrological chart, numerology and symbolism

In this book, you’ll find a treasure trove of over 25 original, inspirational and meaningful tattoos generated uniquely for you according to your Astrological placements and Numerology.

Register your name, birth date and place at YourPersonalPowerSymbol.com to discover your unique […]

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Mandala Magic

Using your personal mandala to bring harmony and clarity to your life

A Mandala is a symbol used in meditation and spiritual awareness practices.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung said, “The Mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the […]

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Your Subconscious Power Unleashed

Using your Personal Power Symbol to dissolve negative subconscious blocks

This is the third report in our series, following “Meet Your Personal Power Symbol” (free download!) and “Your Personal Power Symbol Decoded”,

It explores the topic of subconscious blocks and how to use Your Personal Power Symbol in meditation to change your unconscious […]

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Your Personal Power Symbol Decoded

Discover the energy symbol of your name, place, and date of birth

This report builds upon the introductory, “Meet Your Personal Power Symbol.”

It’s for those who wish to go deeper into understanding the Numerological and Astrological aspects of Your Personal Power Symbol.

This report is a personal reading of your Symbol.  […]

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Meet Your Personal Power Symbol

Discover the energy symbol of your name, place, and date of birth

This FREE report covers the fundamental aspects of Your Personal Power Symbol.

It includes:

the unique image of Your Personal Power Symbol,

a detailed breakdown of each section and its spiritual meaning and,
how working with the sacred design […]

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What Is Your Personal Power Symbol?

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