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Silver Pendant Jewelry

If you’re someone who enjoys custom jewelry, you’ll love how this handmade, sterling silver pendant beautifully displays your Personal Power Symbol.


What’s a Power Symbol?

Your Personal Power Symbol is a symbol unique to you. That’s because it’s the numerology of your name, and the astrology of your birth expressed as a geometric shape.

It’s not just any symbol. But one which follows the principles of sacred-design and is full of meaning.

So what’s the meaning of your Symbol?

It’s the story of your Soul’s journey in this life. It’s the symbol of your divine force which is unfolding uniquely and powerfully through your chosen destiny. It’s the story of what you’ve come to experience and who you’ve chosen to become in this life.

For many ages, symbols were used as talisman and amulets to bring luck and good fortune. They can do so because symbols speak directly to our subconscious and from our subconscious, we create our life experience.

How do we create your Pendant?

First, we find the energy-signature conveyed by your name, your date of birth, your place of birth and time of birth (if known).

You see, there are no accidents in the universe, and your Higher Self has chosen to experience the gifts and challenges your energy brings into the material world. It’s the path you’ve decided to discover.

Once we’ve calculated your energy aspect, (according to numerology and astrology), your Power Symbol becomes a personalized jewelry piece like no other.

You can go here to see your silver jewelry pendant.

Handmade, Custom Jewelry

Your pendant necklace is handmade from solid sterling silver. It’s not plated or treated with any chemical to induce an artificial shine. That means it won’t irritate sensitive skin.

It also means it’ll develop a natural patina, as all genuine silver jewelry does. Many prefer to see their Power Symbol with a classical aged-look although it’s simple to polish it with any regular silver-ware polish to restore its luster.

On the face of your silver pendant are thirty-six crystals. Each marks a decan of the zodiac. And on the zodiac circle are three gems. Like hands of a clock, they mark the location of the three most significant astrological signs at your time of birth.

The yellow sapphire marks the location of the sun while the blue sapphire marks the position of the moon and the black onyx marks the Ascendent, which is the Star Sign rising in the east at your place of birth.

These signs bring their vibration into your energy path and find expression through you.

At the center of your pendant is a crystal. It represents the divine and eternal portion of yourself: the True Self.

Surrounding the True Self are four circles which emanate outwards in increasingly larger spirals telling the story of the unfoldment of your desire, personality, destiny and life path in this incarnation.

silver jewelry flower of life

Cast into the back of your silver pendant is the ancient symbol of the Flower of Life. It’s a symbol which demonstrates it’s meaning. That’s because to create the Flower of Life one starts with a single circle which becomes two, then four, then eight and so on. It’s a symbol demonstrating the ancient Egyptian idea that from the One Thing comes the many things.

So the back of the jewelry piece symbolizes the universal truth of the One becoming all things. And the front of your pendant is the story of the energy you’ve chosen to manifest in this incarnation.

If you’re looking for a custom jewelry piece that’s deeply meaningful and unique you’ll love your silver pendant.

Not only does it look stunning and will turn heads but it’s also a powerful talisman which you can use in mindfulness or meditation.

It also makes a beautiful gift idea for someone uniquely special to you.

There is quite a lot to say about Your Personal Power Symbol. That’s why you can go to and see an image of your silver pendant.

But that’s not all. You can download this 30-page ebook which describes and explains each of the ten aspects encoded onto your Symbol.

Meet Your Personal Power Symbol
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Custom Jewelry Is Just The Start

That’s right. Your Power Symbol can be displayed in other ways, too.
That’s because over the ages many other art forms have been used to express the energy of symbols, including mandalas, hieroglyphs, architecture, and even tattoos.

You’ll see a range of exciting ways to celebrate your Power Symbol and fascinating PDFs explaining the meaning of your symbol and how you can use it to align your path with your True Self and bring clarity, purpose, and power to your life here and now.