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What Is Your Personal Power Symbol?

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Did you know the unique energy type, that you both transmit and attract – your personal power signature – can be harnessed and expressed as a powerful, beautiful and deeply meaningful symbolic talisman?

It’s called, “Your Personal Power Symbol.”

A symbol completely unique to you – and that’s because there’s no other person on the planet that shares the expression of energy, centred within you.

Ageless Wisdom has always held the Truth that Symbols are both the receivers and transmitters of cosmic Energy flow.

This understanding has been applied in many ways throughout the Ages. From the earliest times – a symbol, was often worn as a talisman to bring luck, fortune or protection from danger.

Glyphs and runes were often inscribed, by those with the right Knowledge, to act as agents to cause a certain effect in the world.

Kings and Rulers used Symbols as a extension of their Will & Intention. Ancient megalithic structures were built, following strict principles of shape, ratio and proportion as Master Builders knew that power could be channeled through Forms that apply sacred design.

In fact, temples from the ancient world, right through to the great medieval cathedrals of Europe, all applied the same principles of sacred design – because of the known effect that ratio, shape and proportion could create.

And even today, in these modern times, some city planners have applied their knowledge of the power of symbol to favourably harness a desired energy force to their benefit.

In nature, the laws of sacred design are clearly demonstrated.

When sound waves pass through a medium, it causes particles in the medium to move and become a shape. Change the frequency and you change the shape. What exists as a solid, geometric shape in the material world – begins it’s life as a vibrational frequency in the Energy Field.

At the core of everything, vibrational energy is giving life to shape and form. And that shape and form – that Symbol – continues to live on as a centre of expression – transmitting and attracting it’s Energy signature.

But here is the interesting fact….

You also have a Symbol. That is, an energy signature.

You have a unique Power Symbol, thatʼs a signature of the Energy combination that existed at the place, and at the time, of your birth into this Material World.

And its an Energy signature that continues to influence who you are today.

Itʼs a symbol thatʼs absolutely unique to you. Just as you, too, are unique. It’s a Seal that no one else can properly lay claim to.

Itʼs your own Personal Power Symbol.

And so I have a question for you…

Would you be interested to see what your Power Symbol looks like? And what’s the meaning behind it’s Shape and Form?

I ask, because I know this is not for everyone.

Not everybody has a regard for things that operate on a level of reality such as this. And thatʼs okay.

However, if you do feel there’s something of interested here for you, then I want to show you, how your Personal Power Symbol can be revealed, in the next few moments. My purpose for doing so, is to open a path of possibility to you.

You see, this is a signature of the energy of who you are – at your very core. This is the energy thatʼs driving your inner desires. It determines how others are perceiving you from day to day.

Itʼs the power that’s shaping your Life Path.

It holds within it, the secret mission of what you’ve come here to do… and who you’re here to become.

Itʼs an energy that will work for you …but when misaligned, it can work against what’s beneficial and supportive, leading to frustration and failure.

A knowledge of how these forces are taking shape within you, is the first step in allowing your full potential and power to unfold in a way that positively impacts every part of your life.

If you’d like to see for yourself – we’re pleased to be able to present – Your Personal Power Symbol – and a description of the energy Forces that have generated it – right here and right now, absolutely FREE.

Just enter your details in the Form on this page, and you’ll have your Personal Power Symbol and the FREE report describing it’s powerful meaning in just a few moments. You can even download your Report or print it out as you will want to reference it over and over again.

You’re about to discover the powerful forces that are shaping your life, desires and personality. And see a unique Symbolic representation of those personal powers – A beautiful and deeply meaningful Symbol, that you can use as a expression of the Intention and Will residing within you.

So enter your details on this page and start the journey to discover Your Personal Power Symbol, right here and right now.