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Your Personal Power Symbol Decoded

your personal power symbol decoded

Discover the energy symbol of your name, place, and date of birth

This report builds upon the introductory, “Meet Your Personal Power Symbol.”

It’s for those who wish to go deeper into understanding the Numerological and Astrological aspects of Your Personal Power Symbol.

This report is a personal reading of your Symbol.  It goes into in-depth detail about the meaning behind:

    • Your Life Path Number,
    • Your Heart Desire Number,
    • Your Personality Number,
    • Your Destiny Number and
    • Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign placements

You’ll have explanations of what these are, the meaning of your unique set of energies, and how it all fits together— both in your Symbol and in your psyche!

You’ll gain a deeper insight into the design of Your Personal Power Symbol through an exploration of the metaphysical systems underlying the sacred design. 

There are no accidents in our universe, and there are no accidents in this carefully constructed Symbol which is tailor-made to you!

This report is essential for understanding and unleashing the power of Your Personal Power Symbol.

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