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The Tattoo Symbols of Your Soul

the tattoo symbols of your soul

A collection of profoundly meaningful tattoos based on your astrological chart, numerology and symbolism

In this book, you’ll find a treasure trove of over 25 original, inspirational and meaningful tattoos generated uniquely for you according to your Astrological placements and Numerology.

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These tattoo symbols are more than merely aesthetically beautiful— they’re rooted in ancient metaphysical traditions and tailored to your particular energetic vibration, according to your astrological birth chart and your Numerology.

In this book, you’ll learn about the talismanic power of symbols, and how ritualizing the art on your body can enhance and deepen your personal power or life force. Covered topics include reclaiming the sacred art of tattooing in a modern age, whether a tattoo is right for you, questions to ask before getting one and why symbols are so powerful at affecting the subconscious mind. Also includes powerful alternatives to tattooing your Symbol on your skin which effectively harness the power of Your Personal Power Symbol.

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