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Your Subconscious Power Unleashed

your subconscious power unleashed

Using your Personal Power Symbol to dissolve negative subconscious blocks

This is the third report in our series, following “Meet Your Personal Power Symbol” (free download!) and “Your Personal Power Symbol Decoded”,

It explores the topic of subconscious blocks and how to use Your Personal Power Symbol in meditation to change your unconscious patterns.

We all develop emotional and mental habits which affect the decisions we make and the outer circumstances of our lives. This report offers an explanation of how these patterns begin, as well as techniques for subtly altering and managing your energy to redirect your power toward that which you desire!

Learn why unconscious patterns are so difficult to break, why Sacred Geometry and symbolism are so effective at affecting your unconscious mind, and discover practical techniques which make use of the talismanic force of Your Personal Power Symbol to break free of that which binds you!

This report, which is specifically tailored to your unique birth data and Numerology, draws upon the wisdom of Astrology, Western Magickal traditions, energy work and meditation practices from ancient times to deliver you an easy-to-follow guide for using Your Personal Power Symbol to energetically alter the conditions of your life toward your highest success!

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