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The Law of Worldview

Our Thought Creates Our Reality
The Law of Worldview is related to the Law of Paradox. It states that the universe we perceive, the Tao, or the world of forms, is essentially unknowable. What we perceive in the universe we perceive from our own personal perspective. It’s impossible to be an impartial observer, for we’re part […]

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The Laws of Words of Power

Words Are Creative Powers
The Law of the Words of Power states that words are creative forces. It was, after all, the vibrational power of the Word that initiated Creation (John 1:1: In the beginning was the Word) and the creative influence of the Word still operates in every realm today.

Speaking words of power can change […]

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The Law of Vibration

Vibration Impacts Within Our Consciousness
The Law of Vibration is fundamental to the existence of forms. From the purest spirit to the grossest matter, the form that energy presents is dependent on the motion, speed, and frequency of vibration. Nothing is ever at rest. Energy is constantly changing its form and rate of vibration. Because a […]

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The Law of Uncertainty

Nothing in Life is Entirely Certain
Life is full of uncertainty. Everything is dual and has a polar opposite. Life does not promise or ensure anyone anything—in this way, life is random.

The Law of Probability is highly relevant in the mechanics of The Law of Uncertainty. The laws of life are permanent, however, how they affect […]

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The Law of Trinity

The Process of Creation
The Trinity is an expression of the Law of Creation and describes the triune aspects in any life- unit. It is well known that the Trinity (that God is not one, but three co-eternal, consubstantial persons), while principally a Christian doctrine per se, is inherent is many religions and philosophical systems. In […]

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The Law of Transmutation

Changing Water into Wine
The Law of Transmutation has been hidden in metaphor for centuries. The ancient alchemists, for example, used the concept of the Philosopher’s Stone—a magical essence that could change base metal into gold—to represent that human beings are capable of transmuting their bodies, minds, and their environment from the mundane into the magnificent. […]

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The Law of Tithing

To Give Freely Is to Receive Freely
The Law of Tithing is closely related to the Law of Circulation. The word “tithing” is often used in the context of giving ten percent of one’s income to a charity institution or to persons in need. However, tithing is the free giving away of any resource, be it […]

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The Law of Synthesis

One + Two = The Ten Thousand Things

The Law of Synthesis is fundamental to the creation process. When two opposing principles are combined, a third principle is produced that has the qualities of the two and yet is completely original in and of itself. We see the Law of Synthesis operating, for example, when hydrogen […]

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The Law of Synchronicity

There are No Coincidences in the Universe

The essence of the Law of Synchronicity states that there are no coincidences in the universe. The term “synchronicity” was coined by Dr. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology. Synchronicity is used to describe the meaningful coincidences that can’t seem to be described by the Law […]

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The Law of Supply and Demand

Ask and It Shall Be Given

The Spoken Word, when coupled with emotion and will, is a powerful creative force. The power of the spoken word is applied through prayer, affirmations, invocations, and decrees. Correct visualization, a conscious state, and energy are required to support the spoken word. When one invokes the spoken word with the […]

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