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More than Art

We humans love to adorn ourselves. Whether it’s jewelry or art we love to decorate our bodies.
As soon as people began to create, they began to create jewelry. And as soon as they developed pigments and paints, they began to decorate their skin.

It’s a fundamental human desire, and one of the oldest and most revered […]

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Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Tattoo


Before you decide to have a tattoo, it is important to ask yourself the following ten questions;
Reasons and Motivations – It is essential that it is entirely your decision and you fully accept the responsibility for the outcome.

1. Why do you want a tattoo?
2. Who are you having the tattoo for?
3. What will the tattoo […]

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Is a Tattoo Right For You?

Perhaps you are reading this and feel inspired to commit to a piece of body art. Perhaps it is something you have considered many times. Or perhaps you have never thought of having a tattoo and the idea is a daunting one!
Before you rush to book a tattoo artist or dismiss the idea completely, it’s […]

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Symbols Speak the Language of Subconscious

The most powerful tattoos are not those which tell others about you. The most powerful tattoos are those which remind you of the most important aspect of yourself; your inner self.
Pictures, imagery and symbols have a major impact on our subconscious. The symbology of a tattoo also has an impact on us that we are […]

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Reclaiming the Tattoo

Tattooing has not always had a positive meaning. The use of tattoos to mark people out as slaves or criminals, in both Eastern and Western culture, led to some very negative associations. Sadly, in a very real sense, the tattoo became taboo.
However, there’s been a strong drive to ‘reclaim’ the practice of tattooing.

Essentially, society has […]

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