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Symbols Speak the Language of Subconscious

The most powerful tattoos are not those which tell others about you. The most powerful tattoos are those which remind you of the most important aspect of yourself; your inner self.

Pictures, imagery and symbols have a major impact on our subconscious. The symbology of a tattoo also has an impact on us that we are not always consciously aware of. Without the barrier of written language, symbols impress subconscious with its meaning and truth.

Symbols speak the language of the subconscious. We know that all around us in nature there are examples of sacred geometry, divine proportions and designs that influence the world around us and within us. Symbols attract and emit cosmic energy which can change how we feel, how we think and how others perceive us.

The tattoo designs in this book are completely unique to you. Each design holds meaning for you. Each has power for you. By harnessing the power of your own unique symbol, you can harness the power of the cosmic energy that it attracts and send positive energy out into the world. Everything begins with energy on a vibrational level; your symbol can take that energy and transform it into real, tangible benefits to you.

By choosing a positive symbol that speaks to your inner self, a symbol that reminds you of something important within you, you create a lasting, permanent connection to your spiritual life.

Your Personal Power Symbol is a piece of art which is designed to do precisely this. It is a visual record of who you are and the power within you.

Used as part of a meditative ritual, your Personal Power Symbol becomes a tool for rooting out negative subconscious patterns and replacing them with positivity, leading to spiritual and emotional growth.

In a society which prizes the material and ephemeral, it’s easy to become distracted by worldly things. A symbolic tattoo helps you to escape from worldly things and draws you back to your incredible body, grounding you and helping you to become mindful and self-aware so that you can move beyond the physical and tap into the powerful energy within you.

You are a powerful individual. You are unique among everyone that has gone before and everyone who will be. Your energy signature is unique. Your inner source of power is only accessible by you. Connecting with your inner power through symbol and ritual helps you to unlock your unique path to success and happiness.

Connecting with the ancestral tradition of body art, and the ancient power that comes with the adorning of the body with symbols is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your inner self.

How you choose to use your Personal Power Symbol comes down to your personal choice and it must feel right for you. In a few moments, we are going to discuss whether a tattoo is the right choice for you.

The right symbolic tattoo can become the centre of your physical being; it draws you back to what is important, it returns you to a mindful state and it gently guides your focus back to your true self.