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Is a Tattoo Right For You?

Perhaps you are reading this and feel inspired to commit to a piece of body art. Perhaps it is something you have considered many times. Or perhaps you have never thought of having a tattoo and the idea is a daunting one!

Before you rush to book a tattoo artist or dismiss the idea completely, it’s important to fully examine what a tattoo means for you and whether it is the right choice. In order to do that, it’s important to let go of the many associations that tattoos may have in your mind.

This means letting go of the idea that only certain ‘types’ of people are tattooed. Many, many people choose to have body art. People from all walks of life, from a wide range of different backgrounds, and for an unlimited number of reasons!

Self Expression

The true reason for having a tattoo is self-expression. Your tattoo only has to mean something to you. It might be perceived as beautiful or meaningful to another person, and that is a lovely benefit, but it’s not actually designed or placed there for anyone else. You may choose to have it somewhere where the world can see, or you may choose never to show it to another person. It’s entirely yours. The design, the placing and the experience of being tattooed should be meaningful to you.


Of course, a tattoo is permanent. This is something that a lot of people get hung up on when they are considering having a tattoo. If you choose a tattoo that has deep meaning for you, that is designed to have a positive impact on your life and is chosen out of love and positivity and not negative feelings, then the permanence of the body art is nothing to fear. As you grow and move forward in life, that tattoo becomes a cherished marker of a particular point in your life. It becomes an anchor that links you to that part of your development; something to be proud of as part of your past. If permanence feels like too big a commitment, then consider learning more about henna and other forms of body art as a more temporary option.

The Artist

Choosing a tattoo artist is a deeply personal process. Not only should the artist have lots of examples of previous work that you can see so that you are happy with the standard of their work, but there should also be a good feeling between you both. A sense of rapport and understanding between the tattoo artist and the person they are tattooing can turn a sitting from a necessary procedure into a rich, rewarding experience.

Many tattoo artists will have a very good understanding of the spiritual importance that a tattoo can have for the person they are working with. Someone who understands and appreciates the significance of what they are doing can add so much to the experience. In ancient cultures, young women would be tattooed by the elder women, and the tattoo process would be akin to receiving wisdom. Young men would be tattooed by members of the hunt to initiate them into the secret ways of the tribe. The process of tattooing can be just as important as the tattoo itself.


The same symbol can look very different depending on the size, style and color. You may choose a small, stylized design in black and white or a large, colorful creation in a vivid, bold style. The process of choosing should be fun! You should feel a sense of creative freedom that allows you to express your own personal taste.

Do not be afraid to take time in choosing where to put your symbolic tattoo, what size it should be, what style the design should be rendered in, or which colors to use. This is all important, and until it feels exactly right, you are free to experiment and enjoy the process of finalizing a design.

A good designer will help you to explore the options available to you without compromising on the integrity of the design. They will understand your desire to explore your options and experiment with them.