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What Are Master Numbers?

In the principles of numerology, numbers are not simply glyphs to help us with expressing our mathematical concepts.

Numbers are creative entities.
They are forces within the universe which serve functional roles.

Numbers are the creative forces behind all things.


All numbers represent a type of creative function that finds expression in the universe of things.


Each has its own quality of vibration – the essence of the nature of a Number.

The ancient world felt Numbers were creative deities and were personified with planets and mythological characters.

In that respect, all numbers are significant.

Two numbers are considered Master Numbers because of their special quality and relationship with the Source.

22 is a Master Number and often referred as the Master Builder.

It’s obviously a doubling of the Number 2. A number that speaks to the fullness and complimentary aspect of opposites. The completeness of the Yin and Yang.

But 22 also reveals the completeness and the totality of the ALL.

The Circle has always been a symbol par excellence of the full and sum total of the ALL.

Since ancient times, the circle has been a symbol of the All. Spirit and Truth.

22 is the first number that can be thought to approach the circle. Or express the All.

22 is the number of the circumference of the circle when 7 is the diameter.

22/7 is of course, Pi (3.14…etc)

If 22 is the first number that can encapsulate and speak to the fullness of the All, 7 is the first number that can negotiate it’s transit and achieve balance.

circle Pi
22 is the first whole number that can circumnavigate and express the ALL. It’s a Number of Completeness.


The Hebrews knew of 22’s special place as a “Master Builder” encircling the All and developed their alphabet to include 22 letters.


Each letter an aspect of a universal power and entity. Each with a number and astrological counterpart.

Together – all 22 letters – is a picture of the sum total of all things in existence.

11 is a Master Number, too.

A harmonic of 22, it’s described as the “Master Planner”.

11 is a doubling of the Number 1 and so speaks to the creative Will and Initiating Force in Imagination. It’s sometimes described as magical extension. For all things are an extension of mind and imagination.

33 is sometimes described as a Master Number, too.

A combination of Planning and Building, imagination and work, it’s the number of the Perfected Man.

Some commentaries say every double number is a Master Number. For example, 44, 55 and so on.

It’s true there’s a doubling of expression in these numbers and each has 11 as a Factor in its nature.

However, Your Personal Power Symbol only incorporates 11 and 22 as Master Numbers in its design and descriptions.

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